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Posted by Adrian Burns on Tuesday, June 1, 2021
Links below to Safeguarding 1, GAA Garda Vetting and Foundation Coaching (All online and accessible at any time)

Online Refresher Safeguarding 1 (Certificate valid for three years) 
This page is dedicated to the New GAA Child Safeguarding 1 online Refresher Course launched in September 2019 and allows coaches and other volunteers who have already attended a full face to face Safeguarding 1 session in the past 3 years to refresh the course online.
 2.Temporary Safeguarding 1Program (Certificate valid until Dec 2021)

3. GAA Garda vetting (required if your GAA Garda vetting is prior to Jan 2019 or if you have not previously applied). On the application form ,if your role is not listed, please click on the 'Mentor under 18's option.

Vetting in the GAA. The GAA has a long established principle of vetting any person who, on our behalf, works with children or vulnerable adults in our Association.
4.  Access Online Foundation Coaching Course at
Enrolment Key         CavanFDMay
GAA Code                 GAA0UD012
Eight modules completed online with On field session to be arranged by Coaching & Games , at a future date to be decided.

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